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Why Choose the Law Office of Michael Stanski?

Choosing a lawyer is a difficult decision to make. What makes this office best able to help you? In one word: INNOVATION. 


Law is about people and our world. Our world changes rapidly. There are countless examples from music to transportation. The law is not immune to change. Every day a judge or legislature changes the law. A lawyer must keep up with and anticipate these changes. 


My office embraces change and constantly looks for new ways to serve my clients. My principle means to innovation are:


  1. Finding new solutions to clients legal needs

  2. Using creative and ethical ways of charging legal fees that reflect actual value for legal services

  3. Efficient internal processes to keep firm costs low and pass savings to clients

  4. Anticipate evolving legal issues and prepare clients sooner rather than later

  5. Effectively using traditional and  means to communicate and engage with current and future clients


Contact me now to see how innovation can help you.


 A Note about Kaizen

Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese word that means "improvement." Kaizen is most often used in a business sense to define a philosophy of constant improvement either big or small in organizations. My office embraces Kaizen. I strive to improve my practice everyday. This work philosophy drives the innovation that you read about above.      

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