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The law office of Michael Stanski practices two major areas:


1.  Representing military members and veterans in civilian courts.

I run a practice serving military members and veterans in civilian courts. My goal is to protect the military member on and off duty. Military members live by different rules. Rules can come in the form of laws, regulations, or policies. Seemingly routine legal actions that have no impact on the life of a civilian can dramatically effect the military member.            

2. Federal trial, appellate, and administrative law. My federal practice touches a variety of practice areas. Aviation, consumer, military, and federal criminal law all have roots in federal practice and procedure. My federal litigation goal is to guide my clients through this complex area of the law.  I have a special interest in the intersection of judicial review of federal administrative law.   

Provide client focused, value conscious, and goal oriented full spectrum legal services to Florida citizens in state and federal courts throughout Florida with special attention to Jacksonville and Northern Florida.  

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