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Michael represents military members as they deal with disputes with the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard. Disputes may be criminal (Courts Martial, Article 15s, Captain's Mast) or administrative (discharges, evaluation appeals, security clearance denials). All branches of the military must follow the rules established by law.        

Michael has over a decade of military service as an Army helicopter pilot and Air Force Judge Advocate General. In his military career he has deployed multiple times to both Iraq and Afghanistan. With his experience Michael stands ready to help you with everything from military justice to military personnel law and everything in between.     

Areas of Practice

  • Military Justice

    • Courts Martial

      • General​

      • Summary

      • Special

    • Non judicial punishment​

      • Records of Punishment under Article 15

        UCMJ (NJP, Captain's Mast)
  • Administrative actions

    • Discharges

    • General Officer Memoranda of Reprimands 

    • Unfavorable Information Files

    • Article 138 Complaints (Requests for Redress)

  • Military Personnel Law​​

    • Performance Evaluation Report Appeals

    • Officer and Enlisted Promotions

    • Awards and decorations

    • ROTC and Service Academy Dis-enrollment

    • Boards for Correction of Military Records

    • Debt Disputes 

  • Medical ​

    • Medical Evaluation Boards​

    • Medical Privileging

    • Medical Continuation Orders

    • Physical Disability Evaluation Boards

  • Investigations​

    • Army Criminal Investigative Division actions

    • Army FLIPL Investigations 

    • Whistleblower Complaints and Reprisals

    • IG Investigations

    • Command investigations (CDIs, 15-6s)

  • Secret Clearances​

    • Revocations ​

    • Suspension

    • SF-86 applications​

  • Aviators and Aircrew​​​

    • U.S. Army Flight Evaluation Boards

    • U.S. Air Force Aeronautical Review Boards


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