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Criminal Defense

Suspects of investigations face arrest, prosecution, and possible prison. Criminal law is complex and any suspect needs an advocate to help them through the process. Don't go it alone. 

As a former federal criminal investigator Michael is familiar with all phases of criminal investigations and prosecutions. His unique experiences mades him a important advocate for your rights. Michael can help you with all aspects of your criminal defense.

Disclaimer: The comments below are not legal advice but rather 

for informational use only. If you have a legal issue contact an

attorney to help you with your legal matter. 

Your Rights

When you have been arrested you have certain rights given to you by the

United States Constitution. You have probably heard these rights in the form of a

Miranda Warning often depicted on television or in movies. These rights are:

Right to an attorney

Right to remain silent

Right to have an attorney present during an interview

Notice that anything you say may be used against you

You can invoke or express these rights by simply saying that you

don't want to talk and that you want an attorney.



Law enforcement may conduct a search of your property (car, home, cellphone, etc) through warrant or consent. You are not required to give consent. If consent is given you can revoke it at any time. If you are subject to search remember your rights. 




Forfeiture is the process of converting property of a suspected or convicted individual into the property of government. Federal and states governments have different forfeiture rules. Forfeiture is often separate and independent from criminal proceedings of individuals. Forfeiture of property can be completed through administrative laws, criminal proceedings, or civil court actions. If you are subject to forfeiture talk to your attorney about options. Do not think that a guilty plea or verdict automatically results in a forfeiture loss for you.              




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